Wednesday, May 07, 2008

$11.4 Million (and counting?)

Hillary Clinton's campaign money troubles made news in February when she acknowledged that she had spent $5 million of her own money on her quest for the Democratic nomination.

Then, after winning in Pennsylvania, she announced to great fanfare that she had raised $10 million in the following 24 hours.

Now, her money troubles are news once again with word that she has lent millions more to the campaign.

Putting her money troubles into clearer focus, Clinton's campaign said Wednesday that she lent her campaign $6.4 million over the past month. Earlier this year, she gave her campaign $5 million.
This means she has spent more than 10 percent of her personal fortune on the race. One does not imagine that donations will begin to gush in the wake of her white-knuckle 1.8 percent margin of victory last night.

So the question is, how much more of Chelsea's inheritance is Sen. Clinton willing to blow on this futile effort to steal a nomination that Obama has already won?

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