Saturday, April 19, 2008


Hillary Clinton is once again attacking Barack Obama and praising John McCain.

She made the statements to a crowd in Philadelphia, just a few miles away from where Obama held a rally where 35,000 people came to hear him speak.

“I don’t want to show up and give one of these whoop-di-do speeches and, you know, and just kind of get everybody whipped up," she said, "and those [of you who are for me] feel great and, you know, try to convince some of you to be for me.”
No, of course not. Why on earth would you want to inspire voters with a message of change, hope, and party unity? Much better to denigrate your fellow Democrat while reinforcing the favorable media myths about his likely Republican opponent.

Clinton refrained from criticizing the Republican frontrunner John McCain, and instead shared a story about their accommodations when they traveled oversees together.

“We’ve gone to Afghanistan together," she said. "We were in Kabul, and there weren’t safe accommodations. We actually had a row of containers -- you know, you see those containers come off the ships. Those were our accommodations in Kabul.”

Clinton has said in the past that she is friends with McCain and respects him.
John McCain is a great guy, but Obama is just some lousy Democrat who gives "whoop-di-doo" speeches.

Hope and inspiration are bad; cynicism and dishonesty are good. Got it.

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