Thursday, April 10, 2008

Randi Rhodes lands at Nova M

It's official.

Randi will be back on the air on Monday, April 14, on the Nova M radio network, home also to former Air America talker Mike Malloy.

The Nova M Radio Network is thrilled to announce the addition of “The Randi Rhodes Show” to its nationally syndicated talent offerings beginning this Monday, April 14, 2008.

Randi Rhodes is the #1 rated progressive talk radio host in the nation.

Nova M CEO John Manzo says, “I just can’t stop smiling - Randi is simply the biggest and the best. Randi Rhodes and Mike Malloy under one roof – talk about TALENT!”

Randi Rhodes adds, “With Manzo at helm of Nova M, I am truly going to work for the best of the best. He is radio elite…and I am too . I’m home, I’m home, I’m home!”

“The Randi Rhodes Show” will air live Mon-Fri from 3-6pm Eastern on The Nova M Radio Network.
What is Nova M, you ask?

Nova M Radio is in the business of building a progressive talk radio network with the original founders of Air America Radio. Nova M Radio's affiliate markets include Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Seattle, Miami, Phoenix, Portland, plus both Sirius and XM Satellite Radio. Nova M Radio nationally syndicates “The Randi Rhodes Show” and "The Mike Malloy Show" and operates radio station 1480 KPHX in Phoenix, Arizona.
They must have started working this deal as soon as she was suspended by AAR.

Randi will be on Larry King tonight, according to the Nova M website.

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