Thursday, April 17, 2008

AAR introduces 'American Afternoon', continues to sideline Sam Seder

Air America Radio has officially branded Randi Rhodes' former time slot as "American Afternoon," a program with a rotating series of guest hosts.

I guess this means that Sam Seder is not going to get his daily program back, unless at some point they decide to call it "American Afternoon with Sam Seder." But if they were going to do that, they would have already done it, instead of dumping Richard Belzer there this week, with Ron Reagan, Joy Behar, and Roseanne Barr on deck in the weeks ahead. Looking on the bright side, Ron Reagan is certainly better than Michael Reagan.

Still, I can't figure out what AAR is doing. Roseanne Barr? She's a trainwreck. They suspended Randi for making harsh, off-air comments about Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro, but they're putting in her place Roseanne Barr, who wrote this on her blog in defense of her footwear (I kid you not):

to you as$holes at the globe:

you all have really gone too far this time!!! You bastards are calling my awesome goddess boots tacky!? Your mothers couldn't blow enough sailors in two years to pay for boots like these! They cost more than those f**ing trailers you are living in! You are calling my boots tacky when you search thru britney spears toilet for gossip you smarmy motherf*&kers! If it wasn't for people like me you jackoffs would be you want me to come down there and stick my gorgeous boots up your stretched out rupert murdoch asses...get a real f@#king job!!!! You all get your shoes at payless with star jones you lame ass sh^%t heads!!!!! WHO THE F@#K DO YOU THINK YOU'RE TALKING TO, DELTA BURKE? YOU THINK THAT BITCH IS CRAZY? YOU MAKE ONE MORE REMARK ABOUT MY GORGEOUS HAND TOOLED GODDESS BOOTS, AND I MIGHT SWITCH MY SUPPORT TO OBAMA AND HAVE OPRAH COME DOWN THERE AND LAY THE SHITTHAMMER DOWN ON YOUR FUc%ING BOTTOMFEEDER ASSHEADS!!! where the f%ck do you assholes think YOU would be without TACKY? I put all of your rotten brats through college on the stories my then husband sold you about me to pay for his drugs!!! You f*%king bastards are roger clemmons and I'm steroids!!!! without me you are senator larry craig in an empty mens room!!! I made you motherf#@kers!! f- you! I might have to convert to evangelical christianity and get huckabee's four hundred pound son to hang you like he hung that dog at bible camp!!! seriously you guys don't like my boots? You hurt my feelings with that.. i designed them my self...they are pictures of all the goddesses from Isis to cleopatra, demeter and mary! they are a work of art!!! (pardon my moodswing)...
Yeah, I can't see what could possibly go wrong there. Way to elevate the discourse, guys. Who's next in line for "American Afternoon" - Andrew Dice Clay?

Sam Seder deserves more respect than this. So do we.

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