Sunday, March 23, 2008

'Stallion' and 'Beaver'

She doesn't name them, but by her descriptions, I am assuming that Erica Jong is analogizing Obama to the horse, and Clinton to the um... well... to the um...

Aw heck, let me just let her say it.

We have two great candidates--one a hard working, never give up eager beaver, and one an inspiring, heart-leapingly brilliant stallion. Both have their merits. Both care for what Democrats are best at caring for--working people, children's and women's rights, financial realism.
Now, if any male writer chose to use that particular analogy for Hillary Clinton, all hell would break loose, and I wouldn't fault it for doing so.

And if she had to use an animal reference for Obama, at least she had the sense not to call him a "buck."

I mean, it is Erica Jong, but still. Get a grip on your metaphors, woman, please.

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