Wednesday, March 19, 2008

'Gag Reflect'

Speaking of right-wing reactions to the Obama speech, this post at Balloon Juice is priceless (emphasis mine).

Obama’s speech on race was a failure because the Confederate Wanker lost his “gag reflect”:

    11:32: Mercifully, it’s over. Once I finally regain control over my gag reflect, I’ll check around the blogosphere for other reaction to his speech.
When Hillaryis44 and Bob Owens both tell you the speech sucked, you know you are on to something! I think I will need to check with Red State and the Corner to make sure, though:

    Blame whitey, and raise high the red flag of socialism. This is a serious candidate for the Presidency? Toast, toast.
While the others are havens for douchebaggery, I really, really do not get Derbyshire. It is almost like he is bi-polar. Some times he makes remarks that are completely and totally level-headed , sane, and rational (see here and here for examples), and other times, he seems to be going completely and totally insane. This is one of the insane moments.