Tuesday, February 19, 2008

'Dear God, why didn't you save the school children?'

"God's" answer - I am not allowed in schools.

[Via Moronality]

According to the American Family Association, school shootings are caused by:

  • Madalyn Murray O’Hair

  • The prohibition of school-led prayer in public schools

  • Dr. Spock

  • The end of corporal punishment in public schools

  • Abortion

  • Condoms

  • Monica Lewinsky

  • Online kiddie porn*

  • Free speech

  • Hollywood

  • Music
See anything missing from that list?

Yeah, me too. I guess it never occurred to the AFA that gun violence has any connection to the easy availability of guns in this country. I guess it makes more sense to blame school shootings on Roe v. Wade, the First Amendment, and oral sex than it does to blame it on the fact that any yahoo with a credit cared number can buy a Glock online, provided he is willing to lie about his mental health status on a background-check form.

* As Raven says: "I dont get it either. Apparently 'we' legalised pedophilia as free speech, and thats why students shoot each other."