Tuesday, November 06, 2007

'Use it or lose it.'

What Bill Press said:

They were elected to end the war, but when George Bush vetoed their timetable for bringing the troops home, Democrats gave him all the money he wanted for Iraq, no strings attached.

They were elected to end the illegal acts of an illegal president, but when George Bush demanded authorization to tap our phones without a court order, Democrats gave him all the authority he wanted, the Constitution be damned.

They were elected to end the torture of prisoners of war, but when George Bush’s nominee for attorney general, in direct defiance of U.S. law and international treaties we’ve endorsed, refused to classify waterboarding as an illegal form of torture, Democrats decided to vote for him anyway.

Why? Why have power if you’re afraid to use it? Better to stick with today’s acting attorney general than give Bush another rubberstamp for his illegal activities.

Use it or lose it. If Democrats don’t start using their power to stand up to George Bush, they deserve to lose it.


LeftLeaningLady said...

And where do we go from here? We elected these people to curtail his illegal activities and they have approved them.

We are soooo screwed.