Thursday, November 15, 2007

The ordinary becomes extraordinary

This snippet of Chris Dodd's speech to an audience in Iowa is inspiring.

[h/t Betmo]

"On the very first hour, of the very first day on January 20, 2009, as I have fought for over the last number of years in this administration -- I will restore to the American people, the Constitution of the United States."

"You're gonna get your Constitution back! You're gonna get your Constitution back."

"No more Abu Ghraibs!"

"No more Guantanamos!"

"No more torture!"

"No more rendering!"

"No more providing retroactive immunity for companies that turned over their records to the Bush Administration without a court order!"

"No more waterboarding!"

"No more denying people habeas corpus in this country, a right that has existed for 900 years!"

"And there will be no more Attorney Generals of the United States who believe an American President is above the law."

"That's gonna change."
The tragedy is that it shouldn't be inspiring at all. It should be so obvious as to go without saying.

A presidential candidate's intention to abide by the constitution is not cause for celebration - or, at least it didn't used to be. Americans used to take the rule of law for granted.

This is how starved we are for justice. The mere articulation of our nation's founding principles is enough to bring people to their feet with passionate applause.