Thursday, November 08, 2007

Huckabee; Arts Education

What political party does Mike Huckabee think he belongs to?

He told an audience in Iowa that public schools in the U.S. should begin to emphasize arts education.

One of the biggest problems with the country's education system is that it bores students, Mike Huckabee said Wednesday at a presidential candidate forum hosted by the University of Northern Iowa.


"We've come to the conclusion that we were behind other countries in math and science, and we've changed requirements," the former Arkansas governor said during his 10-minute introductory speech. "We've done so at the expense of music and art, and in doing so we've made a huge, stupid mistake."
Don't get me wrong. I agree completely that our public schools should begin to re-emphasize arts and music. The problem is, Republican Party primary voters tend to view the arts with suspicion at best, and often with outright hostility.

Good luck with that one, Mike. Let me know how it turns out.