Thursday, November 15, 2007

FOX still attacking decency

It was just a week or so ago that Brave New Films introduced this excellent web video about Fox "News" Channel's gratuitous use of sexually-suggestive imagery in its programming.

Well, darned if The House of Ailes isn't still up to its old tricks.

On the front page of the Fox "News" website, there is a link to a story about wealthy celebrities who reportedly spend their money as quickly as they earn it. The story is titled: Money to Burn - How Celebs Squander Millions.

The image they use to promote the story? You guessed it - Britney Spears, topless.

But, as Laurie Dhue assures Bill O'Reilly in one of the clips in the Attacks video, at least there's nothing gratuitous about it. Nothing communicates "financial irresponsiblity" quite as accurately as cleavage.

(By the way, I hope the headline stories on the Fox "News" website don't mean the neocons are planning to bomb China right after we finish bombing Iran. )