Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Corrections cop kills Klutzo the Clown

A self-styled "Christian clown" accused of possessing child pornography died in an Illinois jail after being tasered by a corrections officer.

As noted in a previous item on this blog, Amon Paul Carlock, who performed for children as Klutzo the Clown, was arrested in October after pictures of nude children were discovered on his laptop computer by investigators at the San Francisco airport. Carlock was returning from a trip to the Philippines

The tasering incident on Friday was not, reportedly, the first time that corrections officers in the Sangamon County Jail had used the device on Carlock.

The sheriff's office opened its own investigation Friday afternoon, Sacco said. One issue to be examined is how Carlock was shocked with the Taser, which shoots electrically charged darts that carry 50,000 volts for several seconds.

People hit are overwhelmed by the electric current and temporarily immobilized.

The correctional officer's report indicates he shot the probes into Carlock's leg from a distance. However, information downloaded from the Taser indicates it was pressed up against Carlock's leg in what's called a "drive stun" and deployed next to the skin.

"I think the (correctional officers) sometimes get screwed up on the terminology," Sacco said.

Carlock, of the 2300 block of Hedge Lane, had been in the jail since his arrest Oct. 9. On Oct. 18, jail officers twice used a Taser on Carlock when he allegedly was uncooperative and combative.

The first incident occurred when he became angry after being refused use of the phone, authorities said. The second occurred that evening, after Carlock allegedly began screaming and pounding on the window of his cell again.

Carlock was stopped by immigration agents at the San Francisco airport as he was returning from a trip to the Philippines in June. Travelers to the Philippines often are scrutinized because the country has gained a reputation as a high-risk destination for child sex tourism.