Monday, October 15, 2007


Seems like just a few weeks ago that criticizing an American general was tantamount to treason.

Today? Not so much. [Via C&L]

GRAHAM: I appreciate his service, but Abu Ghraib got out of control under his watch, the war in general got out of control under his watch. And it’s not time to blame people, but his criticism is a bit astounding to me given his role in the war itself.—They were poorly trained. They got overwhelmed by circumstance. And we certainly didn’t have situational awareness on his watch.

It's not time to blame people... but Lindsey wants to make it clear that if it was time to blame people, Gen. Sanchez is the one he would blame.

I hope the senate will get right to work condeming Sen. Graham for failing to revere Gen. Sanchez in the manner that Republicans have established for the proper worship of American military commanders.