Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fox News pumps the Rudy/September 11 connection

You gotta love Fox "News."

By this I mean, of course, that you have to really, really hate Fox "News."

Media Matters catches the Fair-n-Balanced network "asking" if Rudy plus 9/11 equals the White House.

SMITH: Presidential candidates drag their husbands and wives out on the campaign trail all the time. I don't know about "drag" -- a lot of spouses really like to do it and some spouses are more vocal than others. Judy Giuliani has been very quiet for the past few months, maybe by campaign design, but last night she and her husband sat down with Sean Hannity -- in obviously very friendly territory -- and one of the first topics: 9-11, the day Rudy Giuliani became a worldwide, household name.

[begin video clip]

    JUDITH GIULIANI: Well, September 11th was the most horrific day of my entire life. One of the things that many people don't realize, Sean, is that Rudy was trapped in the basement of 75 Barclay Street for some time that morning. So I could have lost Rudy on that day.


    JUDITH GIULIANI: We lost loved ones, we lost friends, and Rudy, of course, being Rudy, put me to work, and I was able --

[end video clip]

SMITH: Judy Giuliani, speaking out, and on the record, and with her husband, a place we've not seen her for a long time -- in the public eye. Why now? Why that venue? And why this topic? Margaret Hoover is with us, she's a Republican strategist. Malia Lazu is a Democratic strategist and joins us live now from California. I guess let's start with Republicans. And, Margaret, why now? Why not before? And why Sean Hannity?
Way to pump that meme, Fox! You report, we decide.

I suppose it would be too much to expect Fox "News" to ask any of the real questions surrounding Giuliani's 9/11 legacy.

Yeah, I figured.