Monday, October 29, 2007

FEMA's Philbin out of a job

The controversy over last week's phony FEMA press conference has cost the agency's former communication chief a job.

John "Pat" Philbin was slated to begin working for Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnel as Public Affairs Director. Earlier today, there were reports that Philbin's new duties were on "hold." Now, we learn that Philbin will not be working for the DNI.

The man who oversaw public affairs at the Federal Emergency Management Agency when it held a fake news conference last week will no longer be taking over as head of public relations for the director of national intelligence.

Pat Philbin, FEMA's external affairs director, was scheduled to become director of public affairs for National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell on Monday.It was not immediately clear whether he offered his resignation or was fired just as he was set to begin the job.

As of Sunday, officials only said that they were aware of concerns.

But Monday, the director of national intelligence office issued this statement: "We do not normally comment on personnel matters. However, we can confirm that Mr. Philbin is not, nor is he scheduled to be, the director of public affairs for the office of the director of national intelligence."
Philbin had applied for and received the DNI assignment prior to last Tuesday's staged press conference in which FEMA staffers posed as reporters.


Bill Lenner said...

One Down.

Two To Go.

(But Duct Tape Man and Skeletor will be stickier than Gonzales, I'm betting.)

Glad to hear about Philbin though.

Maybe if the Bushbots learn they will lose their cushy positions and/or promotions, they'll figure out how to do things with more principles.

Okay, I won't hold my breath.