Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dodd says 'no' to Mukasey

Sen. Chris Dodd says he will vote against confirming Michael Mukasey as U.S. Attorney General.

From the blog at Dodd's campaign website:

Senator Chris Dodd today announced his opposition to Attorney General nominee Michael Mukasey, citing Mr. Mukasey's counsel against adherence to the rule of law as a determining factor.

    "Mr. Mukasey's position that the President does not have to heed the law disqualifies him from being the chief attorney for the United States. We have seen for too long, and at great expense to our national security, an Administration that has systematically attacked the rule of law and turned our Justice Department into a political wing of the White House. I'm afraid that Mr. Mukasey as Attorney General would be more of the same."
Dodd is not a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, but it is still significant that he is publicly casting doubt on Mukasey's fitness to serve.