Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Muslims; Smoking

Bill O'Reilly seems to think that all Muslims want to do is pray, eat, and smoke.

You can't go into a country like Iraq or Iran or Syria or any of these places and think that the local population is going to help you. They're not gonna help you. It doesn't matter how many more 9-11s there are. You could have a 9-11 every week, and these people are going, "Look, we don't care about America. The mullahs are telling us that Americans are bad, and that's what we're gonna believe. Do we want democracy? Not really." If they wanted it, they'd have it. You know? They don't really want it.

In my opinion, they just don't. They want their meals. They want to smoke. They want to go to the mosques. They want to sit around, and that's what they want to do.
Oh, yeah? Well, what do you think about this, Bill-0?

A prominent national Islamic civil rights and advocacy group and two organizations representing American Muslim physicians today encouraged U.S. Muslims to use the discipline acquired during the upcoming Ramadan fast to quit the smoking habit.


The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) the Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America (APPNA) and the Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA) said that because smokers must already abstain during daylight hours during Ramadan, there is an opportunity to quit the habit entirely.

The groups say smoking is clearly a danger to the smoker's health and the health of his or her family, and that it is also offensive to others, addictive and a waste of money.
Don't conservatives ever get tired of being wrong, to say nothing of being racist idiots?


LeftLeaningLady said...

I think racist, hatemongering idiots works better there, but that is just my opinion.