Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fred '08 - It's Naptime in America

I just watched about five minutes of Freddie K-Street's 13-minute announcement video. I recommend it if you've been having trouble falling asleep lately. As the Avuncular One himself might say, you'll be sawin' logs and callin' hogs in no time.

Click to play

Smell the English Leather! The Ben-Gay! The Fixodent!

I don't know who told dear old Uncle Fred that enervated droning is the way to capture the imaginations of American voters, but whoever it is should be chopped into pieces and then fired.

The laundry list of Things I've Done was particularly inspiring. I'm nodding off again just thinking about it.

He says he "intends" to run for president. Is that like the way Larry Craig "intends" to resign from the senate? What does that even mean? Is he running, or not?

This guy is the savior of the Republican Party? This is the shot of adrenaline the GOP presidential field has been waiting for? More like a glass of warm milk.

The power brokers in the GOP, the real Big Money Boyz, must be about ready to kill themselves.