Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Other Psycho Neocon Nutcase: 'Let's attack Iran!! WAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!'

In which former U.N. Ambassador and current slavering psychopath John Bolton argues for the unleashing of the fires of hell. Soon.

HEMMER: Bob Baer says within six months his sources inform him that there will be a strike on Iran. Do you agree with that?

BOLTON: Well, I don’t think one can tell one way or the other. I don’t think there’s any doubt, based on the information we have, that Iran is interfering in Iraq and is posing a direct threat to our troops.

So I think if President Bush as commander in chief believes that information is accurate, he is fully entitled to take defensive measures, which could include going after the Revolutionary Guards inside Iran. […]

HEMMER: One final step here, too, that I want to take with you. You told one of our producers earlier today that you don’t know if it’s true — and you’ve made that clear in our interview here, that you don’t know what the odds are or are not against that — but you hope it’s true. Why do you hope it’s true?

BOLTON: Absolutely. I hope Iran understands that we are very serious, that we are determined they are not going to get a nuclear weapon capability, and unless they change the strategic decision they’ve been pursuing for close to 20 years, that that’s something they better factor into their calculations.
He is fully entitled to take defensive measures.

This, then, will be the rationale. Bombing the Revolutionary Guard inside its own country will be justified as a "defensive measure." And, certainly, any Democratic U.S. senator who objects will be charged with hypocrisy and/or weakness and/or stupidity for doing so. Why? Because each and every one of them voted "Yea" on the Lieberman resolution which states that Iran is attacking American troops in Iraq. And of course, each and every Democratic senator will insist that they did not intend for the resolution to be used as a justification for attacking Iran. Hopefully, the followup question will be, "what did you think the resolution would be used for?" I can't wait to hear the answer.