Friday, January 26, 2007

What's YOUR plan, then?

When the Bush administration started challenging escalation critics to come up with their own victory plan, I thought it reminded me of something. Something other than the fact that they gave the same petulant response to critics of Social Security privatization, that is.

Now, I remember why their whining sounded so laughable and so familiar.

Responding to recent criticism of reconstruction efforts in Iraq, the U.S. Defensive Department released a statement to the public Monday suggesting that perhaps they could do better, since they're obviously so smart.

"Well, it looks like you American people have figured it all out, then," the statement read in part. "There's no need for the old government to do anything, because the citizens know just how to handle this whole reconstruction-of-Iraq thing. Well, go ahead! If it's so simple, and if you're so smart, then what's stopping you? Come on."
That's your Bush administration, folks: stranger than satire.


betmo said...

well, they always say that truth is stranger than fiction. guess this proves it.