Friday, January 05, 2007

Geraldo Cancelled

I was flipping around the TV dial just last night, when I came across Geraldo at Large. Have you seen this abomination?

During the few minutes that I watched, the host was narrating a taped package about a cross-dressing white supremacist who went on trial for murder.

I thought, "why on earth would anyone let Geraldo Rivera have his own show again? How can this be on the air?"

I am not, evidently, the only one asking such questions.

Twentieth Television's "Geraldo at Large" has been canceled after little more than a year on the air.

Production is scheduled to shut down in mid-January, and the show will leave the Fox Television Stations lineups at the end of January.

The cancellation could make way for Warner Bros.' upcoming newsmagazine based on Web site, a source said Thursday. The Fox stations have been eyeing the TMZ show, as previously reported (TelevisionWeek, Dec. 18).

The staff of the showcase for Geraldo Rivera and a small band of reporters was told of the cancellation Thursday.

Mr. Rivera will return to Fox News Channel on Saturday and Sunday evenings, Roger Ailes, Chairman and CEO, FOX News and Chairman, FOX Television Stations announced Thursday.

In addition to hosting his signature program, Mr. Rivera will continue to make guest appearances on "The O'Reilly Factor" and serve as a correspondent at large during major breaking news events.
Good riddance, and none too soon.

Back to FOX "News" where he belongs. The cosmic balance is restored.