Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wall St. hearts Dems, hates Rummy

The stock market, that notoriously risk averse institution, rose today as the U.S. absorbed two enormous news events:

Wall Street came back from an early loss Wednesday, rising as investors grew more confident that a huge victory by Democrats in congressional elections would ultimately result in gridlock and keep lawmakers out of the way of business interests.

The market had largely expected Democrats to gain control of the House of Representatives, but an undecided Senate race in Virginia had earlier unnerved investors who dislike such uncertainty. Stocks were little moved by the surprise resignation of Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld or by news that Democrats had narrowly pulled off a win in the Montana Senate race.


betmo said...

everyone hates rummy. and cheney. and bush. are you at least smiling? :)

UncommonSense said...

From ear to ear, my friend.

The sun shone a bit brighter today, didn't it. ;-)