Monday, October 09, 2006

Fair and Balanced in Baton Rouge

I don't know how the GOP Sex Predator Scandal is playing in Peoria, but this is how my hometown newspaper is trying to play it.

The GOP Sex Predator Scandal has turned the Republican Party into a cornered animal. The Republican leaders in congress looked the other way while a sexual predator of children thrived in their midst. They are left with nothing but transparent attempts to change the subject to anything other than their decision to prioritize politics over the protection of children. For more than a week, they have pointed the blame for this scandal at anyone other than themselves, from Bill Clinton to the "liberal media," to the Jews, to the pages themselves. I keep waiting for them to try to connect it to Saddam Hussein.

But, the Baton Rouge Advocate, the self-proclaimed "Independent Voice of South Louisiana," manages to ignore all of that. The Advocate looks at the past ten days of weaselly behavior and sees the GOP going on the offensive. They also manage, with a nice little flourish, to imply that Democrats deserve the blame.

Note to The Advocate: being offensive is not the same thing as being on the offensive.


betmo said...

well, in all fairness, fox news channel put on the screen that foley was a democrat instead of a repub- so maybe your newspaper got confused in their memo.

betmo said...

i guess i didn't realize that you were from louisiana :)

UncommonSense said...

Yup, I'm a Louisiana blogger. Can't you hear the accent? ;-)

betmo said...

apparently, i did not :) don't fret- look on the bright side- you don't have to hear my nasal accent either. :)