Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Snow confirms gas price suspicions

Well, this clinches it.

When gas prices began to plummet a couple of weeks ago, there were questions as to whether the Bush administration pressured oil companies to give drivers some relief at the pump in advance of the November elections.

Since nothing is true until the Bush administration denies it, we can now confidently assume that the administration did, in fact, pressure oil companies to lower gas prices for political reasons.

A Gallup poll last week found that two in five respondents believe administration has deliberately manipulated gas prices to coincide with the fall campaign season.

White House spokesman Tony Snow addressed -- and summarily dismissed -- the speculation at a press briefing earlier this week.

"I have been amused by ... the attempt by some people to say that the president has been rigging gas prices, which would give him the kind of magisterial clout unknown to any other human being," he told reporters.

"It also raises the question, if we're dropping gas prices now, why on earth did we raise them to 3.50 dollars before?" he said.
This is more of a non-denial denial, but it still counts.

Thanks for clearing that up for us, Snowjob. Nice to know the truth, at last.