Monday, August 21, 2006

Plan B

Anybody catch Bush's response today to a question about emergency contraception?

A reporter asked him his opinion of the Plan B birth control pill, which a woman can take after intercourse to avoid pregnancy.

Bush's response:

    "I believe that Plan B ought to require a prescription for minors. That's what I believe,"
Now, what kind of thing is that to say for a good pro-lifer who believes, as pro-lifers do, that EC causes abortions? It is a fair question to ask, just as it is fair to ask why, if Bush believes embryonic stem-cell research is murder, he is not trying to outlaw it altogether.

I wonder if the religious right picked up on Mr. Bush's little stumble away from the approved talking point on Plan B.


betmo said...

i am seriously beginning to wonder why they let him out. he really can't be trusted with his job as official mouthpiece.