Friday, July 15, 2005

Privatization Protest in Louisiana

Ah, yes.

What with the national media consumed with Traitorgate, one might forget that other Bush Administration outrage... the attempted destruction of Social Security.

The good people of Shreveport have not forgotten, and they took to the streets to remind Louisiana Congressman Jim McCrery of the fact that they do not - repeat - DO NOT want him and his playmates to privatize Social Security.

People honked horns, gave thumbs up and yelled out as about five vehicles displaying signs such as "Hands Off My Social Security," paraded from the congressman's office on Youree Drive and back.

McCrery chairs the House subcommittee that oversees Social Security, and he has been targeted by both sides of the Social Security argument. President George W. Bush brought his Social Security road show to Shreveport in March to help garner support from McCrery, who differs with the president on some of the changes proposed.
GOP lawmakers have, apparently, decided to defer any action toward privatization until the fall.