Monday, January 11, 2010


Regular readers of this blog (all twelve of you!) will have noticed that posting has been irregular at best over the past several months. I wish I could say that there is some significant reason for the lack of long, well-thought out entries, but the simple truth is that I haven't had much to say. I can't count the number of posts that I have left unfinished over the last year. In order to avoid the frustration, I have taken to posting brief remarks, music videos, and clips from other blogs. That is not, however, what I started this blog to do.

In addition to the lack of blogging focus I have suffered over the last year, there is a significant development in my life that will be demanding much more of my time and energy for the next two. I begin graduate school today. I am working on a Master's degree in a graduate program of such esteem that I can hardly believe they let me in. This degree has the potential to alter the course of my career, but it will require an unwavering commitment to excellence. So, I am all in. I am determined to get everything out of this program that it has to offer. That means setting all distractions aside.

So, with only a brief, over-the-shoulder glance back, I am saying goodbye to UncommonSense. I have no doubt that I will return to blogging some day, but for now, I have to leave it behind.

To my regular readers, Thank You. It has been great to have you along. God's blessings to you all.


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